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Enhance your videos and podcasts with Beatoven.ai's AI-generated mood-based music, tailored to perfection. Elevate your content with unique compositions.

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What is Beatoven.ai?

Beatoven.ai is a cutting-edge AI music generator designed to produce one-of-a-kind mood-based music for various forms of media, including videos, podcasts, and games. By utilizing advanced AI music generation techniques, this royalty-free platform enables content creators to effortlessly generate captivating background music that enhances their storytelling.



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Beatoven.ai Use Cases

Pack a serious punch with your videos. Make explainer videos gripping. Set the pace in your ads.

Make your channel’s signature sound. Connect with your audience in outro sections. Add impact without the strain of editing and licensing music

Make intro sections special. Announce your sponsors in style. End your episodes with flair

Design themes for levels. Background music for scenarios and characters. Make music for menu screens in your game

Elevate your stories by creating atmosphere. Dramatise moments with ambient music. No more abrupt breaks between chapters

Background music for metaverse games. Virtual work meeting spaces and lounges. VR experiences, from travel to entertainment

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