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207 Best music AI Tools for 2023

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Music tools for designers encompass a range of applications, from digital instruments to sound libraries. They allow designers to incorporate fitting soundtracks or effects into their projects, enriching the overall mood and feel of the end product.

  • Amazon Music

    Experience the power of Evi by Amazon, the revolutionary voice assistant that understands and responds to your every need. Stay organized, connected, and entertained with just your voice. Discover the perfect solution for your day-to-day tasks.

  • Spotify DJ

    Stay ahead of the curve with Vitalik News, your go-to source for the latest trends in cryptocurrency. Get reliable, up-to-date coverage of the crypto landscape from industry professionals. Tune in now on Spotify!

  • YouTube Music

    Discover, stream, and personalize your music with YouTube Music's vast collection of songs, albums, and playlists. Enjoy ad-free radio stations, official music videos, and create the perfect soundtrack for any moment.

  • SoundCloud

    Discover and enjoy over 150 million tracks from independent artists and record labels on SoundCloud. Create personalized playlists, connect with music lovers, and explore new genres. Access your favorite music anytime, anywhere.

  • Pandora

    Discover personalized music like never before with Pandora Music Genome Project. Curate your own custom playlist from a vast library of 50 million songs. Enjoy ad-free streaming online or through the mobile app. Start exploring new sounds today!

  • Deezer

    Discover and enjoy millions of songs from around the world with Deezer. Personalized recommendations, exclusive albums, and playlists. Create and share your own playlists. Upgrade to Deezer Premium for ad-free, high-quality, offline listening. Explore, save, and create with ease.

  • Shazam

    Discover and identify any song with Shazam. Access lyrics, artist bios, music videos, and more. Stay connected to the music you love and discover new hits. Shazam: your ultimate music companion.

  • AZLyrics

    Discover millions of songs and lyrics with AZLyrics. Browse by artist, genre, or mood to find the perfect words for any occasion. Create playlists and preview songs for an immersive music experience.

  • AutoRap

    Create professional rap songs with AutoRap by Smule. Transform your voice into a fully produced rap with beats and effects. Share your creations and take your skills to the next level with this intuitive and high-quality app. Perfect for music lovers and aspiring rappers.

  • Kaggle Notebooks

    Discover the power of Kaggle Notebooks - a free platform for data science and machine learning. Create, explore, and collaborate in an interactive environment with access to diverse datasets, cutting-edge libraries, and cloud-based computing. Share your projects and receive valuable feedback from the community. Unleash your potential with Kaggle Notebooks.

  • Bandlab

    Unlock your musical potential with Bandlab - the all-in-one platform for music creation, collaboration, and discovery. Record, mix, and share your music effortlessly, while connecting with talented musicians worldwide. Explore your creativity and develop your skills today!

  • Musixmatch

    Discover, create, and share music like never before with Musixmatch. Access millions of songs and lyrics in one place, customize playlists, and add your own unique touch to any song. Perfect for music lovers, musicians, and anyone looking for a fun way to enjoy music.

  • Mixcloud

    Discover and stream millions of tracks, podcasts, and radio shows on Mixcloud. Find the perfect music for any occasion and stay up to date with the latest trends. Create playlists, connect with friends, and explore a vast array of genres.

  • Kits AI

    Discover Kits AI, the ultimate AI voice platform for musicians. Unleash your vocal expression with a vast library of AI voices, including licensed artist voices. Elevate your creativity with limitless possibilities.

  • Songtell

    Discover the ultimate song meanings repository, Songtell. Unleash AI-generated insights on 20,000+ songs. Get a personalized poster too! Join r/songtell for more.

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