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Boost your writing with AI Cowriter - the ultimate copywriting partner. Get instant suggestions to enhance your text effortlessly. Try it now!

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What is AI Cowriter?

AI Cowriter is a revolutionary tool designed to enhance your writing experience. Powered by advanced AI technology, particularly OpenAI's GPT, this mini-app serves as your personal cowriter, offering autocomplete suggestions that can significantly accelerate your writing speed. By simply typing, you'll receive intelligent word and phrase recommendations from the AI companion, which can be effortlessly accepted by pressing the 'tab' or 'enter/return' key. With AI Cowriter, you can effortlessly write content up to 10 times faster.



Pros VS Cons

AI Cowriter is an open source tool that offers customizable controls, real-time aid, and increases writing speed, while also allowing for collaborative writing and providing a simple user interaction experience.
However, it has limitations such as no multi-language support, no mobile version, and no offline usage, and it may not be suitable for technical writing due to unpredictable text suggestions and limited text control options.

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AI Cowriter FQA

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AI Cowriter Use Cases

Writing a blog post

Writing a LinkedIn post

Writing a tweet

Writing an email

Writing other types of content

Using optional controls

Providing a topic or title

Choosing a particular writing style

Identifying the target audience

Considering ideas and notes

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