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Unlock the power of SpellBound AI for MacOS users. Enhance your writing with Tone Wizzard, Quickfire replies, and Grammar Genius. Let your words shine!

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What is SpellBound?

SpellBound is an advanced AI writing assistant designed to elevate your writing process. This innovative tool incorporates various features like the Tone Wizard, which ensures your writing tone is perfectly aligned. Additionally, it includes the Grammar Genius feature, which efficiently corrects grammar and spelling errors. With its remarkable content creation capabilities, SpellBound is compatible with any application on macOS, guaranteeing an enhanced writing experience.



Pros VS Cons

SpellBound offers a range of features, accessibility across multiple devices, a variety of plans, and promotes creativity while ensuring user privacy and data protection, with the added benefit of cost-effectiveness and an annual payment discount.
However, SpellBound is limited to MacOS, lacks an iOS version and support for non-English languages, lacks offline functionality, and only provides customer support through email, with no availability on Windows or Android platforms.

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SpellBound FQA

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SpellBound Use Cases

SpellBound is an AI writing copilot that harnesses the power of AI to create an enthralling writing experience.

With SpellBound, you can paraphrase your writing to match the tone you want to convey, making your writing more engaging.

Grammar Genius is here to help you become a writing master by correcting your grammar and spelling mistakes using AI.

SpellBound is designed to be fast, with one click making your text error-free.

SpellBound has a native app for MacOs and iOS (Coming Soon), allowing you to access its features on your preferred platform.

Save time and write faster with SpellBound, enhancing your imagination.

Craft captivating and compelling content with ease using SpellBound's AI writing capabilities.

SpellBound offers two pricing plans: SpellBound Personal and SpellBound Business, each with their own set of features.

SpellBound Personal is perfect for personal use, with a 7-day free trial and features like Grammar Genius, Tone Wizzard, and more.

SpellBound Business is designed to supercharge your business with additional features like Business Templates, Integrations, and In-depth Analytics.

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