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Experience the future of music creation with our AI Music Generator. Transform your words into captivating 30-second tunes. Discover Stable Diffusion for audio.

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What is AI Music Generator?

AI Music Generator (AMG) is a cutting-edge platform utilizing Meta's AudioCraft technology, enabling users to effortlessly generate audio clips and music by providing descriptive words. With a remarkable capability to produce clips spanning up to 30 seconds, AMG ensures reliable audio diffusion. Moreover, the generated content can be conveniently downloaded for immediate use.



Pros VS Cons

The AI Music Generator is a user-friendly tool that generates unique audio clips, offers customizable audio duration, and allows for music creation, making it accessible and useful for both novices and professionals.
However, it requires sign up/in, has limited free audio duration, lacks customization options and batch generation, and auto creates an account upon sign-up, while also lacking a demo without signing in and clear pricing after free use, and no mention of audio quality or multi-platform support, and lacks social sharing options.

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AI Music Generator FQA

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AI Music Generator Use Cases

Generate audio clips up to 30 seconds long by simply describing them with words.

Stable Diffusion for audio, if you want.

Powered by Meta's AudioCraft.

At $0.008 per second, with 60 trial seconds.

Please sign up/in to start generating (new account will be auto-created if it doesn't exist).

Generate a new audio clip.

Duration: 10s.

Please sign in/up to generate. You'll get one trial generation minute.


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