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Calculate prompt costs and token count with AiPrice. Support for all models and types. Stay updated with accurate pricing.

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What is AiPrice?

AiPrice is an API service designed to provide an estimate of the cost for your prompt sent to the OpenAI API. By counting the tokens and applying the pricing based on OpenAI pricing plans, AiPrice calculates an approximate cost. It's important to note that all costs provided are only estimates.


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AiPrice Use Cases

Calculate your OpenAI API prompt token count and get accurate pricing. Get started now, no credit card needed.

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Free - 50 Credits, 20 OpenAI Models, API documentation, Email support

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What is AIPrice? AiPrice is an API service that allows you to calculate the estimated cost of your prompt that will be sent to the OpenAI API. Our calculator counts the tokens and applies the pricing according to the OpenAI pricing plans. All costs are just an estimate.

How accurate is the AI Pricing Calculator? The calculating method is based on the latest available pricing data released by OpenAI at . However, please note that actual costs may vary and we cannot guarantee the price.

Is AiPrice free? AiPrice has a free version providing 50 credits a month. You can sign up with your email and instantly receive your API key and start using it.

Who should use AiPrice? If you are using OpenAI's API and would like to have an estimate cost of your prompt before making the API call, then AiPrice is a perfect fit for you.

What models are supported? We support all models provided by OpenAI. You can check out our supported models by visiting our docs.

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