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Discover the magic of Aistro - the ultimate astrology app. Unleash the power of AI to explore your horoscope, personality, and future. Personalized readings await!

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What is Aistro?

Aistro is a unique platform that combines the ancient wisdom of Astrology with the advanced capabilities of modern large language model AI. With the Aistro app, you have the opportunity to inquire about various aspects of your horoscope, personality, or future. By providing your birth date, time, and location, you will receive personalized readings tailored specifically to you.



Pros VS Cons

Aistro offers personalized astrology predictions, star chart analysis with friends, fortune forecasting for career and love, data privacy and security emphasis, decentralized storage solution, astronomy integration, personalized advice based on zodiac, emotions, wealth, and career coverage, NFTs collection, community participation, and availability on App Store and Google Play.
Aistro emphasizes data privacy but is centralized, relies on device/system performance, lacks API access and multi-language support, relies on planetary movements, has limited customization options, may have compatibility issues, has a limited scope of predictions, NFT features may confuse users, and there may be possible data discrepancies.

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Aistro Use Cases

Learn Astrology with Aistro

Explore Zodiac signs and planets for better self-awareness and life direction.

Experience the Magic of AI Astrology: Chat with a Dedicated AI Astrologer!

Unlock Secrets with Friends to Open the Door of Heart-to-Heart Communication!

Fortune Forecast: Good Luck on the Way!

Protect your data privacy and security.

Powerful AI combined with astronomy and astrology

AI astrologers predict personalized for you.

Come and collect all the series of NFTs quickly!

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