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271 Best text to speech AI Tools for 2023

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Text-to-speech tools convert written content into voice, allowing influencers to cater to auditory learners or visually impaired followers. This accessibility tool broadens an influencer's reach and ensures content is inclusive for all.

  • AT&T Natural Voice Text-to-Speech

    Transform your customer service with AT&T Natural Voice Text-to-Speech. Customize speaking style, use multiple languages, and create engaging conversations. Easy integration, reliable performance, and cost-effective solutions.

  • AWS Lex

    Create and deploy sophisticated computer vision apps on the edge with AWS Lex. Easily build, train, and deploy models with powerful algorithms and pre-trained models. No coding required.

  • IBM

    Transform spoken words into written documents effortlessly with IBM Watson Speech To Text. Save time and ensure accuracy with advanced AI algorithms. Customize transcriptions to meet your needs.

  • Eleven Labs

    Unlock the future of voice with Eleven Labs - the AI-powered platform for generating captivating long-format speech in any language. Experience the most natural and compelling voices for ultimate storytelling.

  • Azure AI

    Unlock real-time insights with Azure AI Stream Analytics. Transform streaming data into valuable insights in seconds. Discover powerful features for data evaluation, alerts, machine learning, and more.

  • Speechify

    Experience text-to-speech like never before with Speechify. Hear your words come alive with celebrity voices like Gwyneth Paltrow and Snoop Dogg. Available on Chrome, iOS, Android, & Mac.

  • NaturalReaders

    Experience the #1 text to speech solution for personal, commercial, and educational use with NaturalReaders. Enhance your reading experience effortlessly.

  • HappyScribe

    Save time and energy with HappyScribe, the revolutionary automated transcription service. Convert audio and video files into accurate text quickly using AI and NLP. Edit transcripts easily and sync with audio or video. Experience the unmatched accuracy and user-friendly interface of HappyScribe today.

  • FakeYou

    Experience the power of FakeYou - convert text to speech, unleash your favorite characters, and even create your own voice clone for endless possibilities in music, videos, twitch rewards, and more!

  • Uberduck

    Discover Uberduck, the ultimate voice-over audio tool with 5,000+ expressive voices, custom clones, APIs for audio apps, AI-generated raps, and personalized media creation. Join the Uberbots waitlist now!

  • Vonage AI

    Unlock the potential of AI with Vonage AI. Create, deploy, and manage AI applications effortlessly. Automate processes, optimize customer conversations, and gain valuable insights. Perfect for businesses of all sizes.

  • Resemble

    Experience the power of Resemble, the AI voice generator and voice cloning solution for seamless text to speech conversion.

  • Scribie

    Save time and money with Scribie's user-friendly transcription service. Fast and accurate, our experienced professionals deliver comprehensive transcripts within 24 hours. Pay per minute or hour and get back to what matters most.


    Transform your content with LOVO AI, the ultimate AI Voice Generator & Text to Speech platform. Captivate your audience with realistic and captivating AI voices. Save 90% of your time and budget!

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