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Apache Samza

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Build powerful real-time data pipelines with Apache Samza. Process data in milliseconds, integrate with popular sources, and easily monitor tasks. Gain valuable insights efficiently.

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What is Apache Samza?

Apache Samza is a highly effective stream processing framework designed to facilitate the creation of real-time data processing pipelines. By leveraging Samza, users can process data in real-time, immediately as it is generated, and respond with lightning-fast speed. This framework seamlessly integrates with various popular data sources like Apache Kafka, Azure Event Hubs, and Amazon Kinesis. Samza offers extensive support for a wide range of data processing functions, including filtering, joining, and aggregation, enabling users to effortlessly construct intricate pipelines with minimal effort. Furthermore, its user-friendly API ensures effortless monitoring and management of data processing tasks. With Samza, users can rapidly and effectively develop dependable real-time data pipelines while extracting valuable insights from their data.


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Apache Samza FQA

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Apache Samza Use Cases

Use Case 1: Real-time data processing from multiple sources

Use Case 2: High-performance data analysis with low latencies and high throughput

Use Case 3: Horizontally scalable processing for large amounts of data

Use Case 4: Easy deployment options with YARN, Kubernetes, or standalone

Use Case 5: Building applications with powerful APIs

Use Case 6: Processing both batch and streaming data with the same code

Use Case 7: Integration with various data sources including Kafka, HDFS, AWS Kinesis, Azure Eventhubs, and more

Use Case 8: Case studies from eBay, TripAdvisor, Slack, Optimizely, Redfin, and LinkedIn

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