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Revolutionary semiconductor technology from Atomera enables device manufacturers to enhance performance, reduce energy use, and create cost-effective products. Stay ahead with our game-changing MST® technology.

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What is Atomera?

Atomera is a semiconductor technology company that specializes in enhancing the performance of devices. Our exclusive MST® technology empowers device manufacturers to optimize device performance across various applications, including consumer electronics, automotive, and industrial products. By leveraging our groundbreaking technology, manufacturers gain unprecedented control over the physical properties of transistors, enabling them to achieve performance enhancements that were previously unattainable. This translates into devices that deliver superior performance, while consuming less energy and being more cost-effective. With Atomera's assistance, device manufacturers can develop powerful, efficient, and affordable products that cater to their customers' requirements. Our technology is a game-changer in the semiconductor industry, offering a remarkable opportunity for manufacturers to maintain a competitive edge.


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Atomera FQA

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Atomera Use Cases

Atomera has created a patented, quantum engineered material called Mears Silicon Technology™ (MST®) which enhances transistors to deliver significantly better performance in today’s electronics.

Your mobile phone will have longer battery life with Atomera's technology.

IoT devices can be made smaller with Atomera's technology.

Web servers will become even more powerful with Atomera's technology.

Atomera's quantum engineered materials make electronics faster and more efficient.

Atomera's engineers provide expert integration engineering support to achieve peak performance with MST.

Atomera licenses its technology to the world's largest semiconductor companies.

MST impregnates silicon with partial monolayers of oxygen to stimulate faster and more controlled electron movement.

MST controls diffusion of dopants better than any other technique.

Atomera's technology is applicable to mobile phones and 5G networks.

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