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Transform text into high-quality audio samples, loops, and ambience with Audiogen. Experience infinite generations on our website or join our vibrant discord community. Unleash your creativity now!

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What is Audiogen?

Audiogen is an AI-driven platform that offers an efficient and user-friendly solution for creating a wide range of audio content. From samples and instruments to sound effects and textures, Audiogen empowers users to produce top-notch, studio-ready sounds with limitless variations. Moreover, all generated content is royalty-free and can be utilized in diverse creative projects.



Pros VS Cons

Audiogen is a versatile and user-friendly desktop app that effortlessly generates high-quality, royalty-free audio with a wide variety of sounds and customization options, providing an efficient audio workflow for diverse professions and seamless integration with other software.
However, it is limited to 10-second audio, lacks powerful model options, requires adapters for control, and has limitations in terms of voiceover support, MIDI compatibility, integration with all DAWs, and pricing transparency, with updates only available through sign-up.

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Audiogen Use Cases

Generate an infinite world of sounds - samples, instruments, sound effects, or textures, instantly. All from scratch.

Audiogen leverages the power of AI to substitute your audio workflows with a blazingly powerful and intuitive solution.

Generate studio-ready high fidelity sounds.

Variate your own sounds for a touch of novelty.

Stop worrying about licenses, all generated sounds are cleared to use in your work.

Generate exactly the amount you need, anywhere from half a second to a max of 10 seconds.

Opt for a less powerful model to generate sounds with minimal delay.

Extend your own sounds for surprising continuations.

Whether you are a music producer, video professional or a foley artist, Audiogen's products can get you what you need.

90s hip hop drum loop, laid back, 95 bpm, only drums

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