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Discover AyaIQ, the ultimate alternative to ChatGPT. With its user-friendly UI, writing, editing, and saving prompts has never been easier. Unleash your creativity with our curated prompts and elevate your work. Exciting updates including web access, expanded LLM options, and multi-media input are on the horizon.

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What is AyaIQ?

Our platform is a great alternative to ChatGPT, offering an intuitive user interface that makes writing, editing, and saving prompts a breeze. Additionally, we provide carefully selected prompts to stimulate your creativity and improve your output. Exciting updates are on the horizon, including web access, expanded LLM options, and the ability to incorporate multimedia input. Stay tuned for these upcoming features!



Pros VS Cons

AyaIQ offers a reimagined intuitive interface, streamlined Q&A process, customizable prompts, and personalized prompt library, enhancing speed and productivity while being affordable and user-friendly for all technical levels.
AyaIQ has limited customization options, prompt library, and multilingual support, and lacks API, mobile app, offline functionality, and clear integration with systems, potentially making it slow with complex prompts and raising concerns about data protection measures.

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AyaIQ Use Cases

AyaIQ is a ChatGPT-powered assistant with a reimagined interface. It provides a spacious text input area for easy reading and editing of prompts. Users can save their prompts and create a personalized prompt library. AyaIQ also offers a curated list of prompts to spark creativity and enhance work.

With AyaIQ, users can streamline their workflow and generate AI-powered text efficiently. It offers effective prompting with a curated prompt list, enhanced speed with built-in prompts, and prompt organization for quick access. The user-friendly interface makes it easy for users of all levels of technical expertise to interact with ChatGPT.

AyaIQ offers different pricing plans to cater to individual users, teams, and businesses. The Starter plan is free to try, while the Personal, Team, and Business plans offer varying features and token limits. Custom pricing plans are also available for unique needs, and AyaIQ can provide white label solutions and API integration.

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