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Experience the power of Bear, the ultimate note-taking app for organizing and sharing ideas. Capture, organize, and collaborate effortlessly with its intuitive design and powerful features.

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What is Bear?

Bear is a note-taking app that helps you maximize your ideas. It allows you to collect, organize, and share notes, thoughts, and ideas efficiently. With Bear, you can effortlessly jot down ideas, save web pages, attach images and files, and create a well-structured library of your best ideas. Organizing notes by tags and folders is a breeze, and you can even add to-do lists to any note. Bear's robust search functionality ensures you can easily locate what you need, and you can collaborate with friends and colleagues by sharing notes. Designed with an intuitive interface and powerful features, Bear is the ultimate tool for creative thinkers and busy professionals seeking to maintain an organized collection of ideas.


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Bear Use Cases

Capture, write, and organize your life with Bear, a powerful Markdown note taking app

Easily format notes with Markdown that adapts to any situation

Organize your notes and projects with flexible tags

Powerful tools to take notes, plan your week, write a book, or build a wiki

Fast and native apps that keep pace with your imagination, online and off

Send notes to others, export to many formats, and share ideas with the world

Winner of the Apple Design Award with a polished and minimal interface

Encrypt notes for an extra layer of protection

Export notes into more formats like PDF, HTML, DOCX, and JPG

Search for text inside photos and PDFs with OCR Search

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