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Enhance your music with lifelike percussion using Beatbuddy. Control tempo, dynamics, and effects to create professional drum tracks. Easy to use and affordable, take your music to the next level.

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What is Beatbuddy?

Beatbuddy is a cutting-edge drum machine that revolutionizes the way musicians enhance their music with lifelike percussion. With 10 authentic drum kits and 10 diverse genres, each boasting a distinctive array of sounds and rhythms, Beatbuddy empowers users to effortlessly control the tempo and dynamics of their drums. Moreover, it offers the flexibility to incorporate effects such as delays and reverbs. By utilizing the built-in looper, musicians can craft intricate patterns, while the user-friendly song manager simplifies the organization and access of beats. Seamlessly integrating with other popular music software, Beatbuddy facilitates the creation and recording of personalized tracks. Regardless of skill level, Beatbuddy is an indispensable tool for elevating one's music to new heights. It enables the addition of a distinctive percussion element to songs, all while being affordable and user-friendly. With Beatbuddy, professional-sounding drum tracks can be effortlessly created in no time.


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Beatbuddy Use Cases

The BeatBuddy is a drum machine pedal that delivers authentic, studio-quality drum beats wherever you play.

Experiment with 220+ styles and 24 genres to find your perfect match.

Customize your performance with fills, transitions, intros, and outros by simply tapping your foot.

The BeatBuddy's dynamic, award-winning samples play in 24-bit studio-grade sound with 32-bit floating point processing.

Utilize near-endless memory to add up to 3 million songs using an SD card.

The BeatBuddy Manager software lets you create and edit custom beats, create set lists, and more.

Add the Footswitch+ to your lineup for custom accent hits, pause/unpause, control commands, and more when synced with the BeatBuddy.

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