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Unmask truth with brainwashd - the ultimate tool to combat fake news and misinformation. Get instant reports on potential bias and inaccuracy. Share on Twitter easily. Stay tuned for our upcoming browser extension for real-time content analysis.

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What is brainwashd?

Brainwashd is a remarkable Google Chrome extension designed to offer immediate insights on tweets and news articles. By providing real-time context analysis, it assists users in detecting potential misinformation and biases.


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Pros VS Cons

brainwashd is an easy-to-use tool that analyzes news and social media, detects inaccuracies and biases, improves online news quality, aids journalists and fact-checkers, and promotes information accuracy while reducing consumption of fake news.
brainwashd is limited to the English language, requires user-inputted links, lacks a mobile application, historical data analysis, real-time detection features, and user-created bias tagging, and is dependent on internet connectivity.

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brainwashd Use Cases

Analyze tweets and news in real-time with brainwashd

Nullify misinformation with brainwashd

Identify potential biases and inaccuracies with brainwashd

Generate reports with brainwashd

Combat misinformation and trust what you read with brainwashd

Analyze news and tweets for bias and inaccuracy with brainwashd

Click the button to analyze tweets with brainwashd

Get the Chrome Extension Pro for $10/month with brainwashd

Get the Chrome Extension for $5/month with brainwashd

Use the web application for free with brainwashd

Try brainwashd and analyze news and tweets instantly

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