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Unlock the power of CodeGeeX, a cutting-edge code generation model with 13B parameters. Pre-trained on 20+ programming languages, it empowers developers with seamless code generation and translation in 15+ languages. Supercharge your coding experience now.

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What is CodeGeeX?

CodeGeeX is a comprehensive multilingual code generation model equipped with 13 billion parameters. It has been pre-trained on an extensive code corpus encompassing over 20 programming languages. With its capabilities, CodeGeeX facilitates code generation and translation in more than 15 programming languages.


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Pros VS Cons

CodeGeeX is a powerful multilingual coding assistant that offers automatic code generation, cross-lingual code translation, code explanation, functional-level code completion, and supports a wide range of programming languages, with the added benefits of being open source, customizable, and having an active online community.
However, CodeGeeX has limited programming language support, lacks mobile support and offline mode, and does not provide variable-level code completion, debugging features, version control features, or a built-in IDE, making customization complex and private enterprise deployment expensive, with limited online demos.

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CodeGeeX FQA

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CodeGeeX Use Cases

CodeGeeX is a product that allows users to create and manage spaces.

Users can navigate to the THUDM space and find the CodeGeeX product.

CodeGeeX provides an app for running files and a community for discussions.

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