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Stay ahead of the competition with Brandwatch's industry-leading marketing and analytics platform. Get comprehensive insights, track brand mentions, analyze social media conversations, and optimize performance. Perfect for businesses of all sizes.

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What is Brandwatch?

Brandwatch is a leading marketing and analytics platform that enables businesses to gain a competitive edge. By providing in-depth insights into customer conversations, competitor activities, and emerging trends, Brandwatch equips users with the necessary information to make informed decisions. Its robust analytics tools allow users to track brand mentions, monitor customer sentiment, and analyze social media conversations in real-time.

Moreover, Brandwatch offers a range of powerful marketing solutions, including customizable dashboards, reporting features, and automated alerts. These features facilitate the measurement of campaign success, understanding of customer preferences, and identification of opportunities for performance optimization. Additionally, Brandwatch's user-friendly design ensures easy access and analysis of data, regardless of the user's technical expertise. Whether you are a small business embarking on your journey or a large enterprise seeking to enhance your marketing efforts, Brandwatch is the ideal solution for you.


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Brandwatch Use Cases

Understand + engage with your customers at the speed of social with Brandwatch, the social suite built for our fast-moving world.

Conduct deep research to anticipate consumer demand by bringing structure and meaning to billions of voices.

Monitor your brand to survive and thrive in a fast-moving digital landscape by keeping your finger on the pulse of consumer opinion.

Create winning content and grow your brand with a data-driven content strategy all managed in one collaborative social content calendar.

Engage with consumers and deliver exceptional customer experience by engaging with the right people in the right place at the right time.

Access the world’s largest archive of consumer opinion and leverage industry-leading AI to discover new trends before anyone else and make smarter decisions.

Collaborate on data-driven content and manage channels, teams, workflows, approvals, and campaigns to ensure brand alignment and stellar quality.

Shield your brand from threats by monitoring emerging threats across over 100m sources and setting up smart, real-time alerts to respond with speed and confidence before problems develop.

Manage all channels with ease by taking the stress out of community management and customer support and engaging customers and prospects with one social inbox for all your networks.

Get better results and ROI by executing a well-informed social strategy that produces measurable results and gives you a competitive edge.

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