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Deploy and manage machine learning models effortlessly with Seldon AI. Focus on building, refining, and deploying models while our secure, scalable, and reliable platform takes care of the rest.

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What is Seldon AI?

Seldon Core is an open source platform that specializes in deploying and managing machine learning models. Its primary function is to provide developers with a robust API that facilitates the creation, validation, and deployment of models in a production environment. By utilizing Seldon Core, developers can effortlessly deploy models and efficiently oversee their lifecycle. Additionally, the platform allows for rapid iteration on models and seamless deployment of new versions. The main objective of Seldon Core is to empower data scientists and developers to concentrate on constructing, refining, and deploying machine learning models, without the need to concern themselves with infrastructure-related matters. Furthermore, users have the ability to effortlessly monitor models using real-time analytics, promptly identifying and addressing any issues or anomalies that may arise. With its emphasis on security, scalability, and reliability, Seldon Core proves to be an ideal platform for deploying and managing machine learning models in a production setting.


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