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Discover Buildt, the AI-powered search tool that finds code based on its functionality, not just its name. Effortlessly make changes by describing what you need.

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What is Buildt?

Buildt is a cutting-edge AI tool that aims to enhance developers' efficiency by facilitating swift searches and comprehensive understanding of extensive codebases. By harnessing the power of AI technology, it offers advanced contextual search capabilities and provides in-depth code explanations.



Pros VS Cons

Buildt offers a wide range of features including super search, quick and accurate finding, code generation capabilities, and automated code refactoring, making it a user-friendly tool for developers.
However, Buildt has limited language support initially, runs locally only, and may struggle with large codebases, making it potentially less suitable for complex projects.

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Buildt FQA

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Buildt Use Cases

Use case: Contextual Search - Search for code by what it does and not what it is. For example, you can search for 'Where are request tokens validated in the backend?'

Use case: Code Explanations - If you're unsure about how something in your codebase works, Buildt can quickly explain how it flows as if an expert was sitting next to you.

Buildt supports the following languages: JavaScript, TypeScript, TSX, Python, Golang, Ruby, Java, C#, CPP, PHP, Rust, Swift, Kotlin, Scala, Cobol, CommonLisp, HTML, CSS, Bash, Haskell, SQL, Dart, Vue, YAML, JSON, TOML, Lua, Elm.

Buildt is better than copying and pasting code into ChatGPT because context windows are not large enough to paste all the code into. Additionally, embedding code directly is not accurate as English queries look nothing like code. Buildt applies proprietary methods to provide accurate and useful results.

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