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Enhance ChatGPT efficiency with BulkGPT.ai. Submit multiple requests, export results to CSV effortlessly. Streamline your ChatGPT experience!

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What is BulkGPT.ai?

BulkGPT is a tool specifically created to enhance your ChatGPT usage. It enables you to submit numerous requests at once and conveniently export the outcomes into a unified CSV file.


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BulkGPT.ai FQA

  • What is the maximum number of tasks that can be submitted in a single bulk request?icon plus
  • How long does it take to process 1000 tasks with 10 threads enabled?icon plus
  • What file formats are supported for importing inputs?icon plus
  • What file formats are supported for exporting workflow outputs?icon plus
  • What are some use cases of BulkGPT in different industries?icon plus

BulkGPT.ai Use Cases

BulkGPT.ai is a Lego-like AI Workflow Builder that allows users to create their own AI workflows by chaining together ChatGPT, Bing Search, and Web Scrape jobs. It offers lightning-fast processing of up to 5000 bulk AI workflow tasks and seamless data import from CSV and JSON files. Users can export their workflow outputs in various file formats, including CSV, JSON, HTML, MD.

BulkGPT can be used in various industries for different purposes. In SEO content creation, it can generate keyword-optimized content and metadata tags for website pages. In e-commerce, it can generate persuasive product descriptions, process customer reviews, and create personalized marketing content. In research, it can run data labeling tasks, summarize text content, and more. In marketing, it can create personalized email campaigns, optimize product strategies using customer reviews and social media sentiment, and generate engaging ad copy. In human resources, it can process job applications and resumes, create personalized employee onboarding materials, and summarize employee feedback for management review.

To use BulkGPT, users can upload batch ChatGPT inputs from a CSV or JSON file or fill in the input boxes in the input task splitter. They can then add a ChatGPT job and use the input from the input task splitter. BulkGPT performs the batch requests concurrently, and once the requests are complete, users can download the data in any format and utilize it as needed.

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