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CereProc Text-to-Speech

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Transform text into captivating voices with CereProc Text-to-Speech. Create natural-sounding, customizable voices in multiple languages. Engage and connect effortlessly with customers and colleagues.

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What is CereProc Text-to-Speech?

CereProc Text-to-Speech is a cutting-edge voice synthesis technology designed to bring text to life. By transforming written content into natural-sounding voices, it facilitates seamless communication with customers, colleagues, and other stakeholders. With CereProc Text-to-Speech, users have the freedom to personalize voices according to their specific preferences and requirements. This service boasts an extensive collection of voices in various languages, enabling users to craft their own distinctive sound. Featuring an intuitive and user-friendly interface, CereProc Text-to-Speech ensures a quick and effortless setup process. It empowers users to create voices that are not only authentic and lifelike but also captivating. Additionally, this service offers an advanced technology that allows users to develop custom voices with unique characteristics, enabling them to express their individual style and personality effortlessly.


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CereProc Text-to-Speech Use Cases

CereProc Text-to-Speech is a software that converts text into spoken words. It can be used by businesses to provide voiceover for videos or audio content. For developers, it offers a cloud-based API for integrating text-to-speech functionality into applications. Individuals can use it to generate voice recordings for personal use, such as audiobooks or voice assistants.

CereProc Text-to-Speech offers a wide range of voices in different languages and accents. This makes it suitable for creating voiceovers for multilingual content or for adding a personal touch to voice assistants. The voices are natural and diverse, providing a high-quality user experience.

CereProc Text-to-Speech has been used in various case studies, including the JFK Project, where it was used to recreate the voice of John F. Kennedy for a documentary. It has also been used by companies like Accenture Labs, Gatwick Airport, and LEGO for different applications. These case studies demonstrate the versatility and reliability of the software.

CereProc Text-to-Speech is developed by CereProc Ltd, a company based in the UK. The company has a team of speech synthesis experts who are dedicated to improving the software and providing support to users. They offer consulting services and academic licensing options for researchers and educational institutions.

To get started with CereProc Text-to-Speech, users can visit the website and explore the different products and services offered. They can buy voices, sign up for the voice cloning service, or join the developer program. The website also provides information about the company, its mission, and its history. Users can contact CereProc Ltd for support or to inquire about partnerships.

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