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Enhance productivity and collaboration with ChatCraft. Create, manage, and automate projects effortlessly. Leverage AI for smarter, faster development.

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What is Chatcraft?

ChatCraft is a powerful platform designed to help developers create and manage their projects more efficiently. With a comprehensive suite of features and capabilities, ChatCraft allows users to seamlessly collaborate with their team members and integrate their tools and services. Its intuitive interface offers a wide range of powerful tools and options to enhance productivity. Additionally, ChatCraft provides specialized bots and services that enable developers to automate tasks and processes, enabling them to quickly build complex applications. Leveraging the power of AI, ChatCraft helps developers stay organized and productive, allowing them to focus on important tasks and projects that demand their attention. With ChatCraft, developers can effortlessly create and manage projects, collaborate with team members, automate tasks, and build sophisticated applications.



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Chatcraft FQA

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Chatcraft Use Cases

ChatCraft is an open-source web companion for coding with Large Language Models (LLMs).

ChatCraft allows developers to interact with GPT models and enhance their code effortlessly.

ChatCraft is optimized for conversations about code and supports models from multiple AI vendors.

With ChatCraft, you can edit generated AI replies and use custom system prompts.

ChatCraft makes it easy to retry with different AI models and provides previews for Mermaid Diagrams and HTML.

ChatCraft allows users to edit and run generated code and custom functions.

ChatCraft is an open-source platform available on GitHub.

To start using ChatCraft, choose an AI provider, enter your API Key, and start chatting with AI.

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