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Take control of your inbox with Chatty, the AI-powered email assistant. Streamline communication, save time, and boost productivity with personalized messages and automated responses. Try Chatty now!

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What is Chatty?

Chatty is an AI-powered email assistant that revolutionizes the way users manage their inbox and enhance their email communication. By harnessing the power of Artificial Intelligence and automation, Chatty offers a personalized email experience that saves time and boosts productivity. With Chatty, users can effortlessly take control of their inbox, respond to emails faster, and streamline their email communication. This innovative tool allows users to customize the tone of their messages to reflect their unique voice, ensuring clear and confident communication. The user-friendly interface and intuitive design of Chatty make it a breeze to manage emails, set up automated responses, and create personalized templates. With Chatty, users can say goodbye to hours wasted on sorting through their inbox and instead respond to emails promptly with engaging and personalized messages.


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Chatty FQA

  • How can Chatty help streamline email communication?icon plus
  • What customization options does Chatty offer?icon plus
  • What is the tone of the AI-generated messages in Chatty?icon plus
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Chatty Use Cases

Use Case 1: Streamline email communication and respond faster

Use Case 2: Personalize email messages with customizable tone options

Use Case 3: Give emails a professional tone with AI-generated messages

Use Case 4: Generate quick replies to messages directly within Gmail interface

Use Case 5: Summarize attachments without opening them

Use Case 6: Easily adjust the tone of email responses with tone selector feature

Use Case 7: Choose between Starter and Pro pricing plans based on needs and budget

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