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Unlock the potential of AI with Mailr. Craft persuasive emails effortlessly, choosing from custom tones. Reply intelligently with ease.

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What is Mailr?

Mailr is an AI email assistant that serves as a chrome extension, designed to assist users in composing and responding to emails effortlessly and efficiently. With its array of features, Mailr streamlines the email composition process, enabling users to write and reply to emails quickly and with ease.


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Pros VS Cons

Mailr is a free Chrome extension that offers a range of features including single-click email drafting, customizable email tones, and goal-oriented instruction, making it a useful tool for busy professionals.
However, Mailr is limited to Chrome platforms, has word limits on both its free and premium versions, requires manual tone selection, lacks a mobile application, and does not support other browsers, which may limit its accessibility and functionality for some users.

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Mailr FQA

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Mailr Use Cases

Mailr is a personal email writing assistant that can draft any message in just a single click right from your browser.

Harness the power of A.I. to write emails and replies in a single click.

Simply give Mailr the instruction (the goal of your email) in a few short words.

Choose from 10+ custom tones (ex. friendly, informal, persuasive, etc.) to personalize your email.

Sit back and watch the magic of Mailr save you hours of work each day.

The average professional spends over 2.5 hours each day tediously answering emails.

Mailr offers a free forever plan with a 2,000-word limit, the ability to compose new emails, and access to 10+ custom tones.

Upgrade to the premium tier for $4.99/mo to get 100,000+ words per month, faster email generation, and early access to beta features.

Contact Mailr at mailrofficialai@gmail.com if you need more words.

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Download Mailr today for free on all chrome devices and platforms.

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