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Streamline classroom management and boost student success with Class Charts. Easily organize students, lesson plans, and monitor behavior with powerful reporting features. Create an orderly and productive learning environment.

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What is Class Charts?

Class Charts is a user-friendly and efficient classroom management tool that aims to simplify the lives of teachers and school administrators. Its primary goal is to streamline the organization of students, classes, and lesson plans, ultimately enhancing time and resource management for educators. By utilizing the intuitive dashboard, teachers gain a holistic view of their entire class, enabling them to swiftly identify areas of underperformance and take immediate action to address them. Additionally, Class Charts offers robust reporting capabilities and the ability to monitor student behavior and attendance. This comprehensive solution ensures that students receive the highest quality education and promotes an orderly and productive classroom environment. With Class Charts, teachers are equipped with the necessary tools to maximize their time and resources, fostering a conducive learning atmosphere that cultivates success.


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Class Charts FQA

  • How can Class Charts help save teachers time?icon plus
  • What are the benefits of using Class Charts for behavior management?icon plus
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Class Charts Use Cases

Save teachers time & reduce workload with our data rich seating plans. Improve pupil behaviour with our fast and effective behaviour management.

Instant seating plans: The seating plans reduce your teachers' workload and ensure they are always aware of key pupil data for differentiation.

Fast behaviour management: Our behaviour management is quick and simple to use. Monitor and motivate pupils with achievement and behaviour points in 2 easy clicks.

Beautiful behaviour analytics: Instant reports for teachers, form tutors, pastoral teams and SLT. Sharable with parents and pupils via our apps.

Connects with SIMS, Integris, CMIS and more

Easy for teachers, Powerful for SLT

0% improvement in Ofsted: 100% of our schools who were Ofsted rated Requires Improvement for Personal development, behaviour and welfare improved to Good at their next inspection.

0% increase in positive points: Class Charts is so easy to use that we see an increase in achievement points of over 400% once a school comes on board.

0% reduction in fixed term exclusions: Talk to us about how Acklam Grange School reduced their fixed term exclusions from 4 per week to just 2 in total for the whole year.

0hrs of time saved per teacher per year: Based on a teacher having 10 classes and changing their seating plan once per term the time saving is obvious and increases further with our behaviour management.

Influences: Unique to class Charts, 'Influences' makes the best of the data inputted by those who know your pupils best. We suggest seating plans based on the historical effect pupils have on each others behaviours, development and progress.

Try Class Charts Now: Let us show you how to save time, reduce teachers' workload and remove the big barriers to learning! Join over 180,000 other teachers already using Class Charts.

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