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Empower your creativity with Clevis, the AI-powered application creation tool. Join a diverse community and step into the realm of innovation.

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What is Clevis?

Clevis stands as a gateway to empowerment, welcoming individuals from various backgrounds to delve into the world of AI-powered application development.


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Clevis Use Cases

Build and sell AI powered apps. Without code.

Learn how to build AI powered apps in minutes.

Learn how to build an app that generates a recipe based on the users diet.

Learn how to build an app that creates a character biography and portrait based on a name and a year.

Clevis comes with a range of features that makes it super easy to compose your AI application.

Build your app by combining steps such as text generation, image generation and API requests

Get started with building apps quickly by using one of our app templates

Let anyone run your app by sharing a publicly accessible link

Sell access to your app with usage based pricing

Trigger your app through a simple HTTP call with your own API key

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