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Unlock the power of visual data with Cloudsight - an AI-powered image recognition platform. Quickly identify objects, discover trends, and gain valuable insights into customer behavior. Gain a competitive edge with Cloudsight's intuitive interface and detailed analytics.

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What is Cloudsight?

Cloudsight is an AI-powered image recognition platform that enables businesses to harness the potential of visual data. With its user-friendly interface and robust features, Cloudsight allows users to swiftly and accurately identify objects in images and videos. It boasts exceptional precision in detecting patterns and objects, making it an invaluable tool for gaining insights into customer behavior. By leveraging the capabilities of artificial intelligence, Cloudsight empowers businesses to discover customer preferences, uncover trends, and identify growth opportunities. With Cloudsight, users can effortlessly search for images and videos, identify objects and patterns, and access comprehensive analytics on customer behavior. The platform also offers an intuitive dashboard for seamless data analysis, equipping users with the knowledge needed to make well-informed decisions. Cloudsight is the ideal solution for businesses seeking to unlock the full potential of visual data and gain a competitive advantage.


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Cloudsight Use Cases

Recognition Speed: With our on-device computer vision model, users can expect an average response time of less than 250ms. This is more than 4x faster than using our API and does not require an internet connection.

Real-time Streaming: Users can recognize objects in a space by simply scanning their phone around a room, eliminating the need to take individual pictures. This feature is unique to our on-device model.

Ultimate Privacy: By removing the need for data to leave the end-user device, privacy concerns are virtually eliminated. While our API takes every precaution possible to protect your privacy and data, our on-device model raises the bar on security substantially.

Automated Captioning: Send CloudSight your visual content, and our API will generate a natural language description in response.

Image Classification: Filter and categorize images, monitor for inappropriate content, and automatically assign labels for all of your digital media.

Scene Understanding: Go beyond the objects and categories and understand the story, context and bigger picture of what is happening in your images and videos.

Fine-Grained Object Recognition: Make things more discoverable for your e-commerce site or marketplace through augmented product and image details such as brand, style, type and more.

Marketplaces: Let your users sell their things on your platform just by taking a picture. Remove their headache of writing product descriptions, we will automatically identify what they want to sell.

Digital Media Management: Understand your digital media using CloudSight’s whole-scene image recognition engine. Obtain true context into what is occurring in each image.

Retail: Allow your users to search visually through your product catalog. Improve search and discovery, and convert more customers using semantic and visual understanding.

Video Recognition: Uncover the story of your video content, recognizing specific actions, relationships and objects contained in the stream.

Object Detection: Detection for specific products or items as the central focus of an image, or to focus on just one aspect of an image in a product-detail oriented manner.

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