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CodeComplete AI: The ultimate AI coding assistant for enterprises. Self-hosted, secure, and seamlessly integrated into your developer workflow.

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What is CodeComplete AI?

CodeComplete is an AI coding assistant that caters to enterprise needs. It is designed to be used within a company's infrastructure, whether on a cloud or on-premises server, to prioritize data security and safeguard intellectual property. This coding assistant is adept at adapting to your specific codebase and coding style, seamlessly integrating into your developer workflow. To mitigate any legal concerns, CodeComplete is trained on repositories with permissive licenses.


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CodeComplete AI FQA

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CodeComplete AI Use Cases

Use Case 1: CodeComplete AI can be used as an AI-powered DevTool for enterprise organizations. It provides a suite of coding tools to improve the end-to-end developer workflow.

Use Case 2: CodeComplete AI is self-hosted, allowing organizations to deploy it on-premises or in the cloud. This ensures that the intellectual property and data never leave the organization's firewall.

Use Case 3: CodeComplete AI allows fine-tuning of models directly on the organization's codebase. This enables the incorporation of libraries and coding patterns specific to the organization's needs.

Use Case 4: CodeComplete AI ensures training data integrity by using only permissively-licensed repositories. This mitigates legal risks associated with using proprietary or copyrighted code for training.

Use Case 5: CodeComplete AI is an all-in-one solution for coding, providing a comprehensive set of tools to enhance the developer workflow from start to finish.

Use Case 6: For more information and details about CodeComplete AI, organizations can reach out to the company through the provided contact information.

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