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Boost coding efficiency and productivity with CodeGPT! Find and fix errors, enhance readability, and discover code snippets effortlessly. Get the most out of IntelliJ IDEs with this powerful plugin.

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What is CodeGPT?

CodeGPT is an exceptional tool designed to enhance the efficiency and productivity of developers during coding. By utilizing this IntelliJ IDEs plugin, developers can elevate their coding skills and streamline their development process. CodeGPT offers a wide range of features, including an interface that allows users to effortlessly identify and implement fixes for code errors and warnings. Moreover, it provides a visually appealing representation of the project's code structure. Additionally, CodeGPT possesses the ability to analyze code and provide suggestions for enhancing readability and maintainability. Notably, the plugin also incorporates a robust search functionality, enabling developers to swiftly discover relevant code snippets and resources. With CodeGPT, developers can significantly improve their coding proficiency and optimize their overall development experience.



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CodeGPT Use Cases

Enhancing coding skills and optimizing programming time with CodeGPT

Downloading and installing the CodeGPT plugin from the JetBrains Marketplace

Choosing a preferred service for CodeGPT (OpenAI, Azure, You.com, LLaMA C/C++ Port)

Configuring the plugin with OpenAI API key

Configuring the plugin with Azure OpenAI services

Exploring the features of the CodeGPT plugin

Using CodeGPT to ask coding-related questions

Asking questions related to selected code

Replacing code blocks in the editor with AI-generated suggestions

Regenerating AI responses

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