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Transform your data stack with Continual, the top operational AI platform. Unlock predictive models that continuously improve, no engineering required. Free trial available.

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What is Continual?

Operational AI for the Modern Data Stack: Discover Continual, the top-notch platform that revolutionizes AI operations. Seamlessly construct predictive models that continuously enhance themselves, all without the need for intricate engineering. Experience its remarkable capabilities with a free trial.


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Pros VS Cons

Continual offers a cloud-based predictive modeling solution with easy accessibility, continuous model improvement, simplified model development, and integration with operational and BI tools, making it suitable for various predictions and accessible to both data scientists and non-technical users.
However, it has limitations such as being SQL-centric, dependent on modern data stacks and dbt compatibility, limited extensibility to Python only, and not suitable for traditional data management systems, with a requirement for continuous access to the data warehouse.

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Continual Use Cases

Build an AI copilot for your SaaS application

Deploy an AI copilot connected to your private data and APIs

Delight your customers with an AI-powered product experience

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