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Transform your film and video lighting with Cream Source. Powerful, versatile, and intuitive, this innovative system offers endless creative possibilities. Customize your lighting setup effortlessly and capture stunning visuals with ease.

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What is Cream Source?

Cream Source is a highly effective and adaptable lighting solution designed specifically for filmmakers and videographers. This cutting-edge system offers a diverse selection of lighting options, enabling users to effortlessly create breathtaking visuals. With its adjustable color temperature, brightness, and direction, the system provides a wide range of light fixtures to suit any creative vision. Its user-friendly interface and control system make customization of lighting setups a breeze, ensuring filmmakers and videographers achieve their desired look effortlessly. Additionally, Cream Source boasts quick and hassle-free installation, making it an excellent choice for both indoor and outdoor shoots. By utilizing Cream Source, filmmakers and videographers can enhance their projects with stunning visuals in a seamless and efficient manner.


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Cream Source FQA

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Cream Source Use Cases

Cream Source is a lighting product that offers advanced and modern features.

The Vortex4 model has a power of 325w and is designed to provide excellent lighting.

The Vortex8 model has a power of 650w and offers advanced lighting capabilities.

Cream Source fixtures come with a 5-year warranty for added peace of mind.

The Cream Source LNX Mounting System is now available for the Vortex series.

The Cream Source Vortex series is compatible with the Creamos 2.5 firmware, which offers multilingual support.

The Cream Source Vortex series is compatible with the Creamos 2.0 firmware, which offers major enhancements.

The Vortex4 model is perfect for those who want to create a unique lighting setup.

The Vortex8 model is ideal for professionals who need advanced lighting options.

Cream Source offers a range of accessories to enhance your lighting setup.

The Cream Source website provides support resources, including a knowledge base and warranty information.

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