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Unlock customer success with Cresta's AI-powered self-service, live coaching, and post-call insights. Maximize every customer conversation effortlessly.

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What is Cresta?

Cresta AI is an innovative generative AI platform designed to deliver intelligent contact center solutions. This advanced platform empowers contact center teams by offering a range of valuable features including self-service capabilities, live coaching, and post-call insights. With Cresta AI, contact center teams can optimize customer conversations and ensure each interaction is meaningful and impactful.



Pros VS Cons

Cresta provides a wide range of solutions and features, including real-time customer insights, self-service capabilities, and live coaching, which help increase agent effectiveness and efficiency, automate repetitive tasks, and improve overall team performance.
However, Cresta has limited industry applications, lacks multi-language support and customization features, requires mandatory live coaching, and does not offer a trial version or standalone QA tool, limiting its flexibility and accessibility for certain users.

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Cresta FQA

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Cresta Use Cases

Cresta centralizes and amplifies the knowledge, insights, and coaching your contact center needs to reach peak performance.

Learn how Cresta is delivering lasting value for our customers.

Arm sellers with high-performing personalized coaching that is proven to grow revenue faster.

Real-time guided responses help customer advocates deliver better customer experiences.

Increase agent effectiveness through outcome-oriented coaching and business insights.

Improve agent efficiency and effectiveness with real-time coaching.

Get 100% visibility into team performance and accelerate coaching.

Uncover customer insights and trends from conversational data.

Discover and automate your most common interactions.


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