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Boost efficiency, save hours of admin work, and enhance data hygiene with Momentum Sales AI. Syncing seamlessly with Salesforce and Slack, this AI-powered tool captures call summaries, CRM fields, and tasks for effortless sales management.

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What is Momentum Sales AI?

Momentum is an innovative revenue platform powered by AI and workflow automation. Its primary purpose is to assist teams in effectively managing deals, gaining valuable pipeline insights, and enhancing Salesforce hygiene. By automating sales processes, offering call summaries, and seamlessly integrating with a range of sales tools, Momentum optimizes sales motions and promotes consistency within the sales team.


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Momentum Sales AI FQA

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Momentum Sales AI Use Cases

Deal Rooms: Automated Slack channels for sales deals

Cues: Notifications and alerts from your sales tools

Approvals: Automate your CPQ approval motions

Playbooks: Ensure everyone follows the same processes

Advanced Automations: Build custom automations for your team

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