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CVAT – Computer Vision Annotation Tool

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CVAT - The Ultimate Computer Vision Annotation Tool for Efficient Machine Learning. Annotate images and videos with ease, saving time and effort. Advanced features and intuitive interface. Develop accurate AI models quickly. Try it now!

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What is CVAT – Computer Vision Annotation Tool?

CVAT is an exceptional computer vision annotation tool designed to simplify the process of annotating images and videos for machine learning tasks. Its user-friendly interface allows users to label their data quickly and accurately, significantly reducing the time and effort required to prepare data for training machine learning models. Additionally, CVAT offers advanced functionalities like automatic annotation, group annotation, and a seamless drag-and-drop interface. This tool is ideal for individuals seeking to develop machine learning models with speed and precision, whether it be for image classification, object detection, or facial recognition. Moreover, CVAT is compatible with any device and offers various helpful features, including the ability to save and share annotated data with team members. With CVAT, annotating images and videos for machine learning tasks has never been more effortless.



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