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DB Pilot: Streamline SQL operations with AI-enhanced GUI. Write SQL queries using natural language, convert code to SQL, and explain complex queries. Save time and effort with auto-completion, syntax highlighting, and intelligent suggestions. Easily create queries and generate data visualizations for informed decisions.

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What is DB Pilot?

DB Pilot is a cutting-edge database GUI that utilizes AI technology to optimize SQL operations. It simplifies the process of writing SQL queries by allowing users to use natural language and provides the ability to convert between code and SQL effortlessly. With the assistance of an AI assistant powered by GPT-35, DB Pilot can even explain complex queries. This tool is specifically designed for developers, data analysts, and individuals working with databases who require a robust and user-friendly solution. DB Pilot aims to enhance productivity by offering features such as auto-completion, auto-correction of code, syntax highlighting, and intelligent suggestions based on the user's context. Additionally, its powerful query builder enables users to create queries quickly and efficiently. Moreover, DB Pilot can generate data visualizations with a single click, enabling users to gain insights and make well-informed decisions in a time-efficient manner.



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DB Pilot FQA

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DB Pilot Use Cases

DB Pilot is a database GUI client for PostgreSQL, MySQL, SQLite, and more.

DB Pilot comes with an integrated OLAP database that bridges the gap between your databases and other data sources.

With DB Pilot AI, you can chat with your personal AI assistant powered by GPT-3.5 to help you write queries and debug errors.

DB Pilot offers a spreadsheet-like editor, filters, query history, and a schema editor for easy database management.

DB Pilot supports PostgreSQL, CockroachDB, MySQL, SQLite, DuckDB, and more databases coming soon.

Upcoming features include smart code completion, additional database support, and Windows and Linux app compatibility.

DB Pilot offers a free tier with essential features and a Plus tier with a personal SQL AI assistant.

You can try the AI assistant for free during the 5-day trial of the Plus plan.

DB Pilot is available for Mac, with support for Linux and Windows WSL coming soon.

The AI assistant in DB Pilot does not have access to your actual data stored in the database.

Download DB Pilot for free on Mac (M chip or Intel chip) with minimum MacOS 12.6 required.

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