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Channel: Instantly generate SQL, answers, and visualizations from your English queries. Collaborate, create dashboards, and explore data with suggested questions.

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What is Channel?

Channel is a powerful data analytics platform that provides users with the ability to ask questions using everyday language and receive accurate answers from their linked databases. With Channel, users can effortlessly gain valuable data insights without requiring any expertise in SQL. Additionally, the platform generates stunning visualizations to facilitate effective data analysis.



Pros VS Cons

Channel combines data from multiple sources, offers an intuitive query builder, easy data visualizations, automated data processing, supports SQL and programming, and provides meaningful insights with quick data access and highly accurate data processing.
Channel is currently in the beta phase, lacks specified error handling, has limited data visualization options, is only available via the Slack community, lacks API integration and documentation, does not support offline usage, has limited query optimization features, and lacks multi-language support.

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Channel FQA

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Channel Use Cases

Ask your database a question, in plain English.

Connect your database, ask a question, get an answer.

Get the answers you need without knowing SQL.

Self serve your data insights, finally.

Explore your dataset

Answer the questions you should be asking.

Channel surfaces the insights you didn't know you needed, by analysing your warehouse ahead of time.

Collaborative by design

Bring the whole team

Understanding your data is a team sport. Channel is collaborative from the ground up, so you and your team can work together to build the best products.

How does it work

Connect your data

Get started with Channel today!

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