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Transform your space with DecorAI's easy and fun interior design tool. Get personalized ideas for your home or office in seconds. Create beautiful and unique designs with AI-powered technology.

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What is DecorAI?

DecorAI is an innovative AI tool designed to enhance your interior design capabilities. By harnessing the power of artificial intelligence, DecorAI generates exclusive and customized designs for your clients' rooms. This cutting-edge solution not only provides cost-effective options for your interior design requirements but also saves valuable time and boosts efficiency through automated design idea generation.


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Pros VS Cons

DecorAI provides users with 5 design ideas, a user-friendly interface, instant interior inspiration, and free use without the need for a credit card or professional designer.
However, it has limited design generation, requires mandatory email registration, is dependent on the quality of the photo, only offers 5 free ideas, lacks professional design assistance, and may have possible email deliverability issues.

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DecorAI Use Cases

Generate Unique Designs

Cost-Effective Solution

Save Time and Increase Efficiency

Access to a Wide Range of Design Options

Create Personlized Design Mood-board

Stay Ahead of the Competition

Transform sketches to real photo with a single click

Wide range of room styles to choose from

Add custom furnitures based on demand

Interior Designers


Furniture Retailers

Interior Design Agencies

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