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Discover Clarity, the AI-powered news reader that combats media bias and bursts your filter bubble. Our GPT technology summarizes diverse perspectives from the right, left, and center, unveiling narrative disparities.

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What is Clarity?

Clarity is a website that offers a detailed perspective on current events by curating the top stories from diverse media sources representing the left, center, and right political spectrum.


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Pros VS Cons

Clarity provides comprehensive media analysis, allowing users to understand bias, topic coverage, and attention from different perspectives, with informative graphics and a focus on obscured and polarizing topics.
However, Clarity lacks a mobile app, multi-language support, customizable features, real-time news updates, in-depth topic analysis, historical data analysis, user reports, and download options, requiring a constant internet connection and analyzing a limited number of news sources.

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Clarity FQA

  • What are the top stories today?icon plus
  • What is the relative front-page attention from left, center, and right leaning news sources?icon plus
  • What is the rising front-page attention?icon plus
  • What is the left and right obsessing over?icon plus
  • What topics are being ignored by the right?icon plus

Clarity Use Cases

Clarity is a product that provides news and information on various topics.

Users can access the home page to get an overview of the latest stories.

The 'How this works' page explains the methodology behind Clarity's attention measurement.

Users can navigate through divided topics to explore different categories of news.

The product also offers insights into the attention given to news stories over time.

Users can view the sources of the news articles.

The 'Why we're here' page provides information on the purpose and mission of Clarity.

Users can filter and sort the news stories based on their preferences.

There is a scan topics feature that allows users to quickly browse through different topics.

The product highlights the top stories of the day or week.

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