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Build, test & consume AI work-flows effortlessly with DiscuroAI. Define your flow, invoke via API, and unlock consistent data from GPT-3 + DALLE-2. Try now!

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What is DiscuroAI?

Discuro is an integrated platform designed specifically for developers seeking a simple and efficient way to construct, evaluate, and utilize AI workflows using OpenAI. With our user-friendly interface, you can define your desired workflow, seamlessly invoke it through our API, and effortlessly access reliable data from GPT-3 + DALLE-2.


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Pros VS Cons

DiscuroAI offers a wide range of features including easy data handling, integration support, workflow customization, and secure access through API key.
Novice users may find it complicated to navigate, the workflows might be overly complex, and there is limited documentation available, potentially making it difficult to use and understand.

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DiscuroAI FQA

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DiscuroAI Use Cases

Rapidly build, test & consume AI work-flows

Define your work-flow in our easy-to-use UI

Make one API call to execute your work-flow

Integrate with GPT-3, DALLE-2, and older OpenAI models

Use an Orchestrator to feed generated data back into GPT-3

Extract your output in JSON format via API

Try us out, completely free of charge, forever

Create & consume your own flows in minutes

Enable consistent input to output flow

Easily build & test complex self-transforming AI work-flows & data-sets

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