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EasyCode: The AI-based coding assistant that boosts productivity. Generate code snippets, get real-time recommendations, and reduce errors. Perfect for beginners and experienced coders. Integrates with GitHub and Visual Studio Code. Track progress and learn from mistakes. Try now!

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What is EasyCode?

EasyCode is an AI-based coding assistant designed to enhance the coding experience for developers of all skill levels. By leveraging advanced AI technology, EasyCode generates code snippets and offers real-time recommendations, streamlining the code writing process. This powerful tool not only aids in reducing coding errors but also saves time and boosts coding productivity. Whether you're a beginner or an expert programmer, EasyCode caters to your needs. It provides an array of code templates, examples, and an intuitive user interface, allowing beginners to quickly grasp coding fundamentals. For seasoned coders, EasyCode's AI-powered code completion and debugging tools serve as time-saving resources, increasing efficiency. Additionally, EasyCode seamlessly integrates with popular coding platforms like GitHub and Visual Studio Code, simplifying code writing, editing, and management. Its comprehensive analytics feature enables users to track their coding progress and learn from past mistakes.


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EasyCode FQA

  • What does the error message 'AUTH004' mean?icon plus
  • How can I upgrade to a higher plan?icon plus
  • What happens if I don't upgrade to a higher plan?icon plus
  • Where can I find more information about api error codes?icon plus
  • Is there a way to check my current apikey credits?icon plus

EasyCode Use Cases

The EasyCode product encountered an error with code AUTH004. This error indicates that the apikey used has no more credits remaining. To continue using the service, it is recommended to upgrade to a higher plan. More information about this error can be found at https://www.zenrows.com/documentation/api-error-codes#AUTH004.

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