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Unlock your Twitter potential with Editby. Say goodbye to writer's block and effortlessly create captivating tweets like famous accounts with AI technology.

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What is Editby?

ContentGenius is an efficient online platform that enables users to effortlessly generate top-notch content for their social, professional, or academic audience within minutes. With its comprehensive features, ContentGenius offers a streamlined solution for content creation, SEO optimization, social media administration, academic writing, research papers, university assignments, and newsletter composition.


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Pros VS Cons

Editby offers a range of valuable features such as content creation assistance, audience growth optimization, and tweet feedback, making it an effective tool for content creators.
However, it is limited to Twitter only, lacks multi-language support, and does not have a free plan, making it less accessible and suitable for heavy users.

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Editby FQA

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Editby Use Cases

Create in-depth and researched content from multiple sources and SEO optimized.

Keep your brand style and format, add relevant sources and optimize it to create reference content in your field.

Add multiple sources, convert to each platform & SEO optimize.

Create content with all the information that you want starting from any sources (blog post, academic papers and more).

Convert the content you have created to a new format instantly. You don't have to rewrite any word.

Get Google EEAT optimized content, short-tail and long-tail keywords suggestions, and a real-time SERP analysis.

Autocomplete will write with you whenever you need to add more context.

Automatically add the citations at the end of the text.

Get feedback and optimize your text. Editby will tell you how to write better.

Generate content in any language. Choose the language with a click.

Create personalized templates to format your creations with the same style always.

Identify industry trends and keywords to improve your strategy.

Rewrite the text in seconds if you need to change information or add more.

Discover our extra tools like adding hashtags, creating captions, etc...

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