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Boost your content marketing and social media game with Ocoya. Create, schedule, and auto-generate compelling content in minutes!

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What is Ocoya?

Ocoya is an AI-powered content automation tool designed to streamline social media marketing and copywriting tasks. It offers a range of features including the creation and scheduling of engaging social media content such as posts, captions, blogs, and hashtags. By harnessing the capabilities of ChatGPT, Canva, and Hootsuite, Ocoya empowers users to effortlessly produce and publish captivating content for their social media platforms.


Price starting at $15/Month

Pros VS Cons

Ocoya offers a wide range of features including automated content creation, scheduling, analysis, integration with major platforms, team collaboration, and affordable pricing, making it a comprehensive solution for businesses.
However, Ocoya has limitations such as no offline access, limited social media platforms, periodic updates that can break integrations, lack of tutorial or walkthrough, limited language support, and no multi-account management, which may hinder its usability for some users.

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Ocoya Use Cases

Generate and post content quickly on social media using AI

Create images, videos, and music for social media

Plan, schedule, and approve content at optimal times

Get instant recommendations on performance and reach with automated reporting

Integrate with over 30+ platforms including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, and more

Produce professional graphics for your ecommerce shop in seconds

Generate AI-powered captions, long blogs, and hashtags

Collaborate with teams or clients to plan and review campaigns together

Partnered with major platforms across social media, design, and ecommerce sectors

Thousands of marketers, entrepreneurs, and agencies love using Ocoya

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