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Transform chatGPT with editGPT, a powerful chrome extension for effortless proofreading and editing. Enhance your content with ease, accepting or rejecting changes in a snap.

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What is editGPT?

editGPT is a browser extension that offers a convenient way to proofread, edit, and monitor changes made to your content within chatGPT. By seamlessly integrating with the chatGPT interface, it enables effortless editing functionalities, enhancing your overall user experience.



Pros VS Cons

editGPT offers a user-friendly interface, reliable proofreading and editing capabilities, and provides an available demo version with example prompts for learning, along with an easy contact form for support.
However, it is limited to Chrome and Firefox, relies on the chatGPT platform, lacks a mobile app, multi-language support, offline access, API integration, batch processing feature, and pricing information.

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editGPT Use Cases

Proofreading and editing is a tedious task, even with AI. The new editGPT editor is designed to make editing your content easier and more efficient.

The editGPT Chrome extension was a big hit. But when OpenAI made changes to their public models (ChatGPT), we noticed a big drop in the quality of the edits.

The models available through the API are much more powerful and can be fine-tuned to be more accurate and consistent. So, we built an editor that can access these models with many new functions.

Access a powerful editor with a variety of menu options.

View, accept and reject changes

Iterative Editing

Limited to 500 words per request

Limited to 10,000 words per month

Improved API models not accessible through ChatGPT

Improve your workflow with all the premium features and generous usage limits.

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