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Errbit: Streamline error tracking, prioritize fixes, and enhance user experience. Real-time notifications, insightful analytics, and powerful dashboard for data-driven decisions.

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What is Errbit?

Errbit is a highly efficient error tracking system designed to enhance the search engine optimization (SEO) of your software applications. By swiftly identifying, prioritizing, and resolving errors, Errbit ensures that your applications run smoothly. With its real-time error notifications, you can promptly address issues and maintain efficient operations. Additionally, Errbit offers valuable insights into the root causes of errors and helps identify recurring patterns. Its user-friendly interface simplifies error management and progress tracking. The powerful dashboard allows you to visualize error trends, enabling informed decision-making based on data. By utilizing Errbit, you can significantly enhance the reliability of your software applications, ultimately providing a superior user experience. Whether you are a developer seeking application optimization or a business aiming to maximize product quality, Errbit is the ideal solution to help you achieve your goals.


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Errbit FQA

  • What is Errbit used for?icon plus
  • Is Errbit compatible with Airbrake?icon plus
  • Where can I find the documentation for Errbit?icon plus
  • Is Errbit a self-hosted error catcher?icon plus
  • Can I use Errbit to manage errors from multiple applications?icon plus

Errbit Use Cases

Errbit is a tool for collecting and managing errors from other applications.

Errbit is Airbrake API compliant, so if you are already using Airbrake, you can just point the airbrake gem to your Errbit server.

Documentation is available for all released versions of Errbit and master.

It is built directly from whatever documentation was available in the ./docs folder at the time of release.

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