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Stay safe and secure with Escape by SecureGPT. Scan, detect, and fix security issues in your ChatGPT Plugin manifest effortlessly. Protect your data and focus on creating innovative ChatGPT Plugins.

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What is Escape?

Escape by SecureGPT is a powerful security tool designed to enhance your SEO strategy. This user-friendly tool ensures your safety while working with ChatGPT Plugins. By utilizing Escape, you can effortlessly scan your OpenAI ChatGPT Plugin manifest, promptly identifying and resolving any security issues before they pose a threat. With its capability to conduct up to twelve comprehensive security tests, Escape guarantees that your ChatGPT Plugin manifest remains secure and up-to-date. Whether you are a developer or user of ChatGPT Plugins, Escape is an indispensable asset that safeguards your data from potential security risks. With Escape, you can confidently prioritize the development of innovative and captivating ChatGPT Plugins, knowing that your manifest is fully secure and up-to-date.


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Escape Use Cases

Accelerate your vulnerability assessment

Shift left with continous security in CI/CD

Get full security observability

Block unwanted data leaks

Prevent account takeovers

Simplify compliance management

Deploy Developer-focused remediation

Why Escape

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