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Master new words effortlessly with Fictionary, the innovative platform for language learners. Discover etymology, audio pronunciations, and adaptive learning to expand your vocabulary and communication skills.

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What is Fictionary?

Fictionary is a platform designed to help language learners master new words effortlessly. Through a unique interactive learning experience, Fictionary combines the power of etymology to provide an enjoyable way to learn. With a vast dictionary containing over 1 million words, each accompanied by detailed etymological breakdowns and audio pronunciations, Fictionary ensures a comprehensive learning experience. Additionally, the built-in search function allows for quick and easy word lookups. Fictionary's adaptive learning system tracks your progress and identifies areas that require improvement, making it suitable for students, teachers, travelers, and word enthusiasts. By utilizing Fictionary, you can expand your vocabulary and enhance your communication skills, ultimately becoming an expert in the English language.


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Fictionary FQA

  • How do I join a game?icon plus
  • How do I create a game?icon plus
  • Are there French words available in Fictionary?icon plus
  • When will English words be available in Fictionary?icon plus
  • How do I earn points in Fictionary?icon plus

Fictionary Use Cases

Join game

Create game

Available with French words.

English words are coming soon...

You are given an uncommon or archaic word. Invent a definition for it!

You are then anonymously given all players definitions and the true one. Guess the true one!

Earn point by:

- finding the true definition

- fooling players to vote for your definition

+1 point each



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