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Forethought: AI-powered support ticket automation and optimization. Lower costs, elevate service quality. Streamline customer interactions.

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What is Forethought?

Forethought is an innovative AI platform that streamlines customer support processes by automating them. This not only reduces support costs significantly but also ensures exceptional service quality in all customer interactions.



Pros VS Cons

Forethought is a multi-feature platform that automates customer support, empowers agents with knowledge, tracks performance in real time, and reduces support costs, making it effective and efficient in delivering fast resolutions and improving customer interactions across any industry.
However, it lacks multilingual support, specific tool integration, offline support tools, advanced analytics, a free trial or version, customizable chat interface, sector-specific customization, and voice chat support.

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Forethought FQA

  • What is SupportGPT™?icon plus
  • What are the benefits of using Solve?icon plus
  • What is Triage?icon plus
  • What are the benefits of using Assist?icon plus
  • What is Discover?icon plus

Forethought Use Cases

Forethought is a generative customer support AI platform that uses Large Language Models (LLMs) to streamline the support ticket lifecycle. It offers solutions such as Solve, Triage, Assist, and Discover.

Solve is an autonomous AI feature that creates policies and resolves tickets across multiple channels, resulting in lower costs and faster resolution times.

Triage enriches support cases with sentiment and intent analysis, prioritizes and routes tickets based on urgency, leading to faster response times and fewer manual tasks.

Assist harnesses the power of generative AI to ramp up agent productivity by providing relevant knowledge and suggested responses.

Discover uses generative AI to recommend and optimize customer service workflows, track performance and ROI, and improve time to resolution and cost.

Forethought's generative AI platform serves various industries such as E-commerce, SaaS, and FinTech, helping companies maximize ROI and provide efficient customer support.

Forethought has been featured in Forbes, Inc., TechCrunch, and Entrepreneur, highlighting its impact on customer support and workflow efficiency.

Forethought offers a demo of its generative AI platform, showcasing how it can drive efficiency and ROI for support teams.

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