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Boost customer support efficiency with Spryngtime, the ChatGPT solution. Instantly answer queries using trained bot on public docs and internal knowledge.

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What is Spryngtime?

Spryngtime is an advanced customer support automation tool that leverages ChatGPT technology to streamline support ticket management and deliver responses in a personalized tone and voice that aligns with your company's brand. With Spryngtime, you can effortlessly address customer queries, handle various tasks such as cancellations and refunds, and efficiently resolve support tickets.


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Pros VS Cons

Spryngtime offers quick and accurate answers, integrates with help desk platforms, increases conversion rates, and provides strong security features, enhancing customer support and effectiveness of onboarding.
However, it has limited platform compatibility, lacks explicit multi-language support, and has strict permissioning for data, limited customization options, and unclear integration options, potentially causing delays in answer review and undefined data security measures.

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Spryngtime FQA

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Spryngtime Use Cases

Automate cancellations and refunds

Automate complex support workflows

Auto-create FAQs & docs from past convos

Deflect up to 50% of tickets

Answer customer questions, do tasks like refunds/cancellation, and resolve tickets

Save time. Ask Spryngtime.

Answer 30-50% of all questions out the box

Built with security and ease-of-use in mind

Perform Tasks, like getting customer-specific data from your system, automating refunds/cancellations, and more

Get a question that's not in your docs? No worries, we'll auto document the answer for you

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