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Discover Galactica, the AI interface revolutionizing access to humanity's scientific knowledge. Explore and manipulate the universe like never before.

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What is Galactica?

Galactica Demo is an interactive website designed to let users explore and engage with Galactica, a powerful machine learning model. With its user-friendly interface, Galactica Demo enables users to experiment with and experience the various functionalities and capabilities of Galactica.



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Galactica FQA

  • What is the mission of Galactica?icon plus
  • Who made Galactica?icon plus
  • Where can I find the Terms of Use for Galactica?icon plus
  • What is the Data Policy for Galactica?icon plus
  • What is the Cookie Policy for Galactica?icon plus

Galactica Use Cases

Use Galactica to explore the universe and discover new celestial objects.

Galactica can be used to conduct scientific research and study astronomical phenomena.

With Galactica, users can access and read research papers from Papers with Code and Meta AI.

Use Galactica to navigate through different sections of the website such as Home, Explore, Mission, and Paper.

Galactica provides a Terms of Use, Data Policy, and Cookie Policy for users to understand and agree to the platform's policies.

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