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Unlock endless possibilities with Golden Chat: an AI-powered service for programmers, copywriters, and content creators. Transform your ideas into masterpieces with cutting-edge features. Join our journey of exploration and discovery!

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What is Golden Chat?

Golden Chat is a comprehensive AI-powered toolkit created specifically to cater to the needs of creators, copywriters, and individuals from various backgrounds. With its diverse range of features, this innovative platform aims to elevate your AI experience and also offers expert human rewriting services.



Pros VS Cons

Golden Chat offers a range of valuable tools, including a human rewriter and copywriting tool, with flexible pricing options and a free tier available, making it an affordable and time-saving solution for advertising and generating unique copy.
However, it has limitations such as a limited free tier, lack of multilingual support, offline functionality, collaboration features, API integration, and discounts for annual subscriptions, potentially limiting its unique outputs and usability.

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Golden Chat Use Cases

Use Golden Chat's Human Rewriter to make AI-generated text more human. It's extremely easy to use, secure and private, and has a 99.9% uptime.

Golden Chat offers copywriting services as a cheap alternative to hiring a copywriter. It can generate new and unique copies for your website, product, or service, and is perfect for advertising purposes.

Choose from the pricing plans offered by Golden Chat. The Free Tier allows you to get started with 10 credits, 300 words, and 1,200 letters. The Pro plan offers 100 credits, 6,000 words, 24,000 letters, and various time-saving benefits. The Premium plan includes 300 credits, 18,000 words, 72,000 letters, time-saving benefits, access to all tools, and new beta-feature testing.

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